A bit of history....

SinTH 1

SinTH1 is an instrument that integrates big midi controler, computer, touch screen and software Reaktor (by Native Instruments). The whole idea was drawn upon my authorial project and numerous samples I've created over the years. Everyone who listen or play on SinTH1 invariably claims, that its sounds are unique and unrepeatable. 

Multisamples library along with full control of sound parameters uniquely from the level of the knobs and switches (and not from the computer level), is the base of SinTH1. Deriving from analog synthesizer, the instrument has full synthesis track, and what differentiate it the most, is the number of waves, that can be indicated. Each oscillator has 40 waves (!) which come from old, original, well appreciated and known analog instruments. 

I've played over 200 gigs with SinTh1. You can also hear it on numerous studio albums. 

Single production, not available for sales.