'Guest Room'- Tom Horn's third album is a combination of synth-pop and electronic music. The album discloses connections with modern electronic tunes alongside analog sounds. As its title suggests the album features guests from different musical backgrounds, including singers such as Jacob A, Malgorzata Dziemitko, Karolina Leśna, Przemek Zdunek and Norba.

Work on the album took several months and resulted in 13 unique tracks. Those tracks are infused with the sounds of zither ( Grzegorz Tomaszewski), accordion ( Piotr Megger) and are cautiously  combined with electronic beats and futuristic sounds. As a result Tom Horn's new album- so varied stylistically-  becomes a hybrid of ambiguous sounds..

'Two Colours' - Tom Horn's first album was released in 1999 by the independent label- Random Records. The album was influenced by trip-hop and more ambient pieces. Among the musicians who performed with Tom Horn during his live concerts were guest musicians such as Arkadiusz Drygas (vocals and guitar), Wojciech Zaleszczak (vocals), Tomasz Krzyżaniak (drums), Rafał Boniśniak (drums), Artur Szałowski (guitar)

'Never Ending' - Tom Horn's second album was published by Universal Music back in early 2004. The sessions for this album took place in his well established recording studio in Poland. 'Never Ending' was created in collaboration with Karolina Stelmasiak ( Desire), who was responsible for most of the vocals featuring on the album, and with the late bassist - Grzegorz Warchol.


„Overload” - released in January 2017.